The Flamingo Series

There are several things that always eludes me when it comes to human nature. One of them is our inherent preoccupation with what others think. It could be about what we do, what we wear, or what we think. Everyday, we find ourselves asking: "What do you think?", "What does she think?", "Does everybody think that?". It could be because we want some form of validation or assurance that what we are doing is in good order, or we want to satisfy our self-esteem. It could also be because we are obsessed at pleasing others. The question is, is it really that important? How badly fixated are we?

This series was part of a group exhibition called Roll Call. Ten photographers are chosen to shoot a roll of colour reversal (slide) film for 8 hours, after which the films are processed, mounted, and shown to the public that same night. Photographers do not get to see or edit the photos before hand. Everything is shown as is.

My friend, Brenna, and I had some semblance of an idea and plan on what to do. Originally it was supposed to be something dreamy, but this being the first time that my work is going to be in public display, I wanted to do something different, something outside of my comfort zone. After a glass of wine, the flamingo came in to the conversation. The floaty was only to be used inside the tennis court, but this is what I said to Brenna on the day of the shoot: "Fuck it, let's bring the flamingo everywhere with us today. This is my first exhibit. I'm not going to play it safe. I don't care if people stare at us."

These photos are part of a larger, ongoing series that I am currently working on.
Select photos in this portfolio are available on the
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Shot with Fuji Provia 100F. 27 April 2018.