Berlin, Germany. 14 February 2019.

Berlin, Germany. 14 February 2019.

José Luis Reyes is a Canadian self-taught photographic artist living in Vancouver, British Columbia. His work includes portraits, street, and landscape, combining both digital and analogue photography. His themes surround the various human emotions, drawing inspiration from his past and present life experiences.

José Luis’ interest in photography started during his time in the fashion industry. He always enjoyed putting together style essays, often collaborating with friends, local photographers, and designers to create compelling visual stories. He was inspired by photographers and stylists that often grace the pages of local and international fashion magazines.

He left the industry in 2011. After a three-year hiatus from all creative endeavours, he began pursuing photography at the beginning of 2014. He initially focused on street photography, after which he slowly branched out to portrait. He occasionally photographs landscape and architectures, often using this as inspiration and backdrop for his portrait projects.

When he is not taking photos, he is often found in art galleries and art events, meeting people and gathering inspiration for his next project.

updated: 21.06.2019