Creepy Flamingo

rollcall034 copia.jpeg
rollcall034 copia.jpeg

Creepy Flamingo

from 250.00

Year: 2018 

Print: 2018

  • Fuji Crystal Archive, Matte

  • Available mounted on aluminium dibond backing under a matte acrylic glass, or

  • Framed in solid wood w/ passe-partout

  • Also available unframed

Limited Edition of 50 prints. Signed w/ Certificate of Authenticity.

Printed and framed in Germany.

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There are several things that always eludes me when it comes to human nature. One of them is our inherent preoccupation with what others think. It could be about what we do, what we wear, or what we think. Everyday, we find ourselves asking: "What do you think?", "What does she think?", "Does everybody think that?". It could be because we want some form of validation or assurance that what we are doing is in good order, or we want to satisfy our self-esteem. It could also be because we are obsessed at pleasing others. The question is, is it really that important? How badly fixated are we?